The sustainable working process of

The EXPRESSO System Works with huge type of UNIQUE MACHINE with SMART OPERATOR and these two machine connect with eachother and control themselves.
The smart operatar can give order to unique machine and regurding to that order the unique machine Works automaticly.While the user use smart operator, just select the type of the chemical and water consumption rate and takes time on the touch screen , then confirm to start the process and rest of the thing could process itself.Basicly system Works like that.

- Same advantages, safe electric consumption

- Same advantages, chemical consumption which is rate of 75

- Same advantages, water consumption which is rate of 85

- Same advantages, there is no way to explosion to any pan

- Same advantages, there is no way to divercity for the all party of the model

- Same advantages, in this system the human condition can not effect the shape or type or model of the pans because everything done with system
- Same advantages, long use life

-Same advantages, you could memorize the process for getting same solution while user select