A6 organic OZONE washing machine offers many advantages.
  • A6 organic OZONE washing machine can save 50% of time process and can make effecting or bleaching without using any chemicals comparing with the current washing process
  • The washing process is organic and enviromentally friendly
  • A6 organic OZONE washing machine reduces the using of chemicals during washing process and also the wasting of chemicals after washing process up to 90% comparing with the current technology
  • According to the other washing machines, you save 60% of electricity, water and labor costs
  • During bleaching process A6 organic OZONE washing machine eliminates of staining problems
  • A6 organic washing machine cleans the remaining agriculturucal wastes of pesticide on the products.
  • A6 organic washing machine increases the effects form grey to blue bleach on the same products.

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