This machine is for permanently pattern creasing specific zones onwoven cotton fabric
  • This machine has been designed for saving time reducing costs and getting maximum productivity by one user
  • Machine has six independent handles
  • Machine has a head mechanism for making crinkles
  • The head mechanism can move to each handle on the rail system
  • The fixing system continuous giving temperature by heaters on garments during crinkle action and during on waiting time
  • This system gives temperature to garments from upper heating system and bottom one at the same time for strong
  • Some of crinkle effects do not need curing by oven after this crinkle machine heating system
  • Heating by thermostat system has been preferred for minimum energy consumption


  • Ergonomically designed
  • Fast and easy handled
  • Required only one operator
  • Improved material quality


Usage Areas
  • Pocket area
  • Head area
  • Back knee area
  • The limit is your imagination

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